Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "zombie ant" Theory

       So what's a description of a zombie,basically a mindless drone,urged by the desire to feed.Of course according to folklore a zombie is a walking cadaver, although vampires are also walking cadavers,both working on the same principle: in order to assure their own survival they need to feast on the living.
       But why would a dead body need to survive.Now that's the paradox.Vampires,zombies,mummies, if they're all dead, why do they want to live so bad,even if they are the "living dead" they are still dead.
      Now let's take a look of a real life zombie situation:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Universal Language Theory

     It is said that 90% of our overall communications are non-verbal. This includes gestures, face expressions, chemical language, and other. Another thing I want to point out is that the universal language (and this is strictly related to the part of the Universe that we know stuff about) is not English, it's mathematics or physics if you like. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The "Efficiency System" Theory

       Every day of our lives consists of "daily routines". Daily routines consist of different actions that become unconditioned reflexes due to repetitive use. Unfortunately not all routines are good or efficient.
       For example waking up, and the first thing you do, is light up a cigarette.Smoking on an empty stomach causes hunger sensation,the stomach will secrete acid and that could cause tissue damage.So have a snack before lighting up that cigarette.
      That's just an example of a bad routine.There are also inefficient routines that make up our daily lives,whether is work related, or house chores, or just spending free time. If you take a moment to write down the things you do in a week, you'll realize that some things could use a change. Implementing a more efficient daily routine means more personal time,and personal time is the most important;relaxing,enjoying it with friends,family.
      When you manage to free more time for yourself don't just waste it,plan it.The quality of life is also related to how you spend your time,because you can only live once, and if everybody dies that doesn't mean that everybody lives.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Theory with a drop of lemon

      Funny fact :"Live viral vaccines such as the smallpox or yellow fever vaccines provide immune protection that lasts several decades, but despite their success, scientists have remained in the dark as to how they induce such long lasting immunity" (MNT quote).
      So basically scientists are discovering now what the stuff that newborns have been inoculated with for decades, does.Awesome,it reminds me of the Pepsi Twist commercials:
  • first there was Pepsi Twist because it was Pepsi with Lemon
  • after it became Pepsi Twist Lemon,hmmm that's like saying climbing up, or sitting down
  • then they thought of a commercial that stated: "Pepsi Twist Lemon ,now with a drop of lemon"
      WHAT? What the hell? "NOW" with a drop of lemon,well what the hell did it contain until now?OMG and they wonder why Coke has 90% of the market.You gotta be kidding me, "now with a drop of lemon" they said.
      Ok back to our vaccine...so "NOW" they are discovering what it does? That is so uncool,it's like humanity has been a guinea pig for decades.I know it's a necessary "evil",sort of say, but doing this based on the fact that "oh ok it provides immunity,it must be good and it has to be safe" when there are so many unknown factors involved it's kind of creepy.Seriously who knows what's going on at molecular level.
      I'm gonna stop,no more conspiracy theories,if life gives me lemons....I'll just make lemonade.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Paranoia Theory

     During these past decades with all the global crisis going on hasn't anybody thought of what's going to happen? Overpopulation,lack of natural resources,less food,less drinking water,global warming ,economy going to pieces maybe and so on.
     Some guy, somewhere at some table , while drinking his coffee with no sugar and just a drop of milk, is thinking:
   "Hmmm , what the hell are we going to do about this?"
     And it's enough for one thought to put some wheels into motion in order to create something.
     "Do we have studies about this?" he asked ."We need more studies, we have to know what to do.We can't just sit here and drink coffee while the world goes to hell.How much resources do we have?...That's not enough,check who has some and let's start a war, it's for the good of the country.We need to preserve our way of life."
     Globalization,it has to be done one way or the other, but usually it's done in the way of the strongest party.