Friday, December 22, 2017

I theory

           There are lots of "believers" out there. In the scientific community there are probably the most believers.
       Why do I say this? Well because most of the scientific articles or interviews start with "I believe" or "we believe".
     I believe that the Earth is not flat"
    "We believe that man descended from a common ancestor with modern apes"
    "We believe that global warming will lead to catastrophic environmental changes."

     A simple way of proving that a theorem is true, is to prove that the reverse theorem is false (absurd).

     For example: "The Earth is flat".
     An easy theorem to prove false (absurd), nowadays LOL.
     I wonder how many theories I believe can be proven (or disproven) using this method. I guess I will have to find out one by one.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

LAW OF ATTRACTION to admit that it's pretty addictive. You just keep browsing and browsing, until you stumble upon something, watch it for 5 min, than browse again. I saw this "documentary" on Youtube a while back called "The Secret", thought it was some propaganda thing, got bored after I found out what the secret was 10 seconds. Than I saw it again on Netflix. I watched it for 10-15 minutes, also got bored. (Oh, full disclosure, "the secret" is the so called law of attraction).
   So basically this law of attraction is a manifestation of one's thoughts. It is a basic principle of a movement called.... New Thought. In short, if you think hard about something, the universe will respond and help you materialise that thought. So I thought hard about the one thing we all  I kid you not, the next day I received the biggest bonus from my company in the 10 years I have been working there. I bevelieve now, I believe.
  Jokes aside the bonus was real, and I did think about money, like really focusing all my thoughts on a dollar bill. So it got me thinking. What if prayers work in the same way. 
  Basically prayers are just focused thoughts. Focusing on only one thought is a very hard thing to do. We see many people saying that they prayed and had their prayers answered. The only question is: who exactly answered those prayers, what if they were the ones that answered their own prayers. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "zombie ant" Theory

       So what's a description of a zombie,basically a mindless drone,urged by the desire to feed.Of course according to folklore a zombie is a walking cadaver, although vampires are also walking cadavers,both working on the same principle: in order to assure their own survival they need to feast on the living.
       But why would a dead body need to survive.Now that's the paradox.Vampires,zombies,mummies, if they're all dead, why do they want to live so bad,even if they are the "living dead" they are still dead.
      Now let's take a look of a real life zombie situation:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Universal Language Theory

     It is said that 90% of our overall communications are non-verbal. This includes gestures, face expressions, chemical language, and other. Another thing I want to point out is that the universal language (and this is strictly related to the part of the Universe that we know stuff about) is not English, it's mathematics or physics if you like. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The "Efficiency System" Theory

       Every day of our lives consists of "daily routines". Daily routines consist of different actions that become unconditioned reflexes due to repetitive use. Unfortunately not all routines are good or efficient.
       For example waking up, and the first thing you do, is light up a cigarette.Smoking on an empty stomach causes hunger sensation,the stomach will secrete acid and that could cause tissue damage.So have a snack before lighting up that cigarette.
      That's just an example of a bad routine.There are also inefficient routines that make up our daily lives,whether is work related, or house chores, or just spending free time. If you take a moment to write down the things you do in a week, you'll realize that some things could use a change. Implementing a more efficient daily routine means more personal time,and personal time is the most important;relaxing,enjoying it with friends,family.
      When you manage to free more time for yourself don't just waste it,plan it.The quality of life is also related to how you spend your time,because you can only live once, and if everybody dies that doesn't mean that everybody lives.